Bobbie Dogs Venison Treats are Sustainably Harvested here on the Mid North Coast of NSW. 

Unlike other meats, local deer feed on pastures and the natural environment which affects the quality of the meat. Harvesting in its most natural form not only provides the best quality of life for the deer, but it also means it's very unlikely to carry toxins from pesticides and will never contain growth hormones.

Our Sustainable Venison Pet Treats are 100% Deer Meat. They are great for pets with gut and skin sensitivities and pets requiring a low fat high protein/nutritional treat.

NO fillers. NO additives. NO grains. NO added fat.
NO added salt. NO binders. NO sugar.

Treat Your Dog to Save a Dog

20% of Bobbie Dogs profits go to Animal Charities across Australia. When you Treat your Dog with Bobbie Dogs Treats you will support animals in need.