Who is Bobbie Dogs

In 1923 a Scotch Collie named Bobbie was on holiday with his family in Indiana when he got lost. Six months later Bobbie arrived at the front door of his home in the town of Silverton, over 4000kms away from where he lost his family. Bobbie traversed all types of hard terrain to get home, he arrived thin, paws worn to the bone and malnourished. Bobbie was then titled 'Bobbie, The Wonder Dog'.

Bobbie Dogs is an online store for Wonder Dogs, inspired by Bobbie the Wonder Dog. Our products include Dog Treats & Health Products at affordable prices. Our Dog Treats are all Australian, made with real meat, great for keeping your dogs at optimal health and happiness. Bobbie Dogs provides affordable dog supplies in honour of all dogs and the impact they have on human lives.

Bobbie Dogs consists of two humans, one dog and a feline. Simon, Kate, Bandit and Eggplant.

Bandit is a rescue dog and we believe all dogs deserve a home. We are advocates of animal welfare and support local animal rescue homes by donating 20% of all Bobbie Dog profits. Check out Treat2Save to see the charities we support.

You can follow bandit and our adventures on Instagram