Emi Ceramics

Ceramic Dog Bowls
Emi Ceramics is a small ceramics studio operating out of Sydney’s Inner West. In collaboration with Bobbie Dogs, Emi has created something truely unique for your four legged friends available exclusive to Bobbie Dogs online store.
Each bowl is unique and once it's gone it's gone. So get in quick. New designs will be released every couple of weeks.
Tell me about the bowls!
Our Ceramic Pet Bowls are made with food-safe glaze and can be used for food or water making them a practical and beautiful feature on your kitchen floor. Each bowl has 4 legs which elevates the bowl off the ground. The added legs on the base of the bowl allow breathing space between the bowl and the ground which prevents sweating on your floors, especially if you are using the bowl as a water bowl (and when your dog drinks they splash more on the floor than they get in their mouth).
Our Ceramic Pet Bowls are sturdy, non-porous and super easy to keep clean. They are dishwasher safe if you are feeling lazy.
We have designed the bowls to come in two sizes but due to the nature of hand-made ceramics, each bowl is unique in colour, texture, shape and size, they are truely one of a kind piece.
Rough size guide (remember each one is hand-made but we work to these measurements)
small bowl - 14cm x 6cm 
large bowl - 20cm x 7cm 
Please keep in mind once that particular bowl is SOLD you won't get another the same, but we think that is what makes these so special.
ps - if you choose to use these for yourself, we won't judge. We currently have one for the cat's water, one for the dog's water, one for the lemon's and one for Kate's jewellery.
Why choose Ceramic over plastic?
Plastic food bowls can scratch over time which can trap and hold bacteria that cannot be removed even with cleaning. Some cats and smaller breed dogs may develop skin irritations around their mouth from exposure to bacteria in a plastic bowl. While this is a controversial issue, some experts report that some plastics may emit BPA or other potentially harmful toxins. which can leach into your pet’s food.
Ceramic or Stainless Steel Pet Bowls?
Stainless steel bowls are a good choice. Like Ceramic bowls they are easy to clean and resistant to bacteria. HOWEVER stainless steel do heat up in the sun. Whereas ceramics are much more resistant to heat changes making them ideal for water bowls in the summer. Keeps that water cooooooool.
Much more importantly our ceramic pet bowls are a bit more unique and way more pretty than same old stainless steel bowls
A little bit about the Artist
Emi Ceramics is a small ceramics studio operating out of Sydney’s Inner West, on Gadigal Land of the Eora Nation. The act of creating forms out of clay, is a process that has been practised for many centuries and through Emi Ceramics, Melody hopes to carry on this tradition. The interplay of form, texture, colour and shape is integral to her practice and hopes to create pieces that invite you to use them in your everyday life.
EMI Ceramic Dog Bowls sold only by Bobbie Dogs. Please visit EMI Ceramics website or her instagram for more of her beautiful work.