duck wings natural dog treats
duck wings natural dog treats
duck wings natural dog treats
duck wings natural dog treats

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Gourmet Duck Wings

Bobbie Dogs Duck Wings are the gourmet dog treat for the times when your dog has been super well behaved. Considered gourmet by dogs, cats and humans alike, it's hard not to appreciate the mouth-watering flavour of duck. If your dog deserves something extra special, our Duck Wings are a medium-size dog treat that requires longer chewing time suitable for small, medium and large dogs. They are easy and safe to break apart into 3 smaller pieces or give whole.

Our Duck Wings are dehydrated LOW and SLOW which means no cooking or splintering of bones, making our Duck Necks a safe bone for dogs. Duck Wings have a softer cartilage bone which is safe to digest whilst providing your dog with all the benefits of a bone. Bones are full of calcium and a good bone chew will stimulate saliva, preventing plaque buildup on teeth and gum disease. We highly recommend our Duck Wings for small to medium size dogs who have bad breath and you want to avoid the Vet bills! We also recommend Duck Wings for a good longer lasting treat for bigger dogs. These are your go-to safe bone. 

Nutritional Benefits of Duck Wings for Dogs

Duck Wings are high in iron, leaner than duck muscle meat, and easy to digest making them a good alternative to other meats such as Kangaroo or Beef. These gourmet dog treats are easy on the digestive system, making them a good solution to common food sensitivities. Our Gourmet Duck Wings are full of essential minerals such as zinc, iron, and copper which build a strong immune system, keep energy levels stable and help build strong bones, strong muscles, and cartilage. 

Ingredients: 100% Australian Duck Wings

NO Fillers - All our treats are single-ingredient products. NO filler of any kind! 
NO Preservatives
NO Additives
NO Grains
NO Gluten
NO Salt
NO added anything!

Are dehydrated bones safe for my fur baby?

Please note: If you know your dog is a swallower and not a chewer we highly recommend watching them closely while they chew their treat.

Rest assured we dehydrate all our treats, we DO NOT cook them at high temperatures. Cooking bones at high temperatures can cause bones to splinter and can create problems in the digestive system. So, as much as we would love all dogs to enjoy our treats please be mindful if your dog is a swallower.

HERE'S THE MAIN REASON - WE ACTUALLY MAKE OUR TREATS! There's so many new pet treat companies popping up over the last few years, however, guess what!? None of them actually make their treats! Look around and you will notice they all look the same. That's because they all come from the same pet treat factory! We make all our treats ourselves here in Port Macquarie NSW

ALL OUR TREATS ARE MADE WITH HUMAN GRADE MEAT - All our produce comes from human grade meat suppliers. No weird pet food factories! Everytime we order produce, we order extra for ourselves to eat. We're using the same produce that you're getting from your local cafe's, restaurants and supermarkets.

ALL AUSTRALIAN MEAT-We do not support the live import and export industries. We ethically source our meat from Australian Meat Suppliers

DEHYDRATED -Bobbie Dogs treats have a stable shelf life of 12 months when stored in a dark, dry place eg. pantry

NO Fillers -All our treats are single ingredient products Containing NO filler of any kind! 
NO preservatives
NO additives
NO Grains
NO Gluten
NO Salt
NO added anything!

NO SPLINTERING -100% Safe to digest as our treats are dehydrated RAW

DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR 100% CARBON NEUTRAL - We believe that a great product and a good delivery service should not impact our Earth

We GIVE 20% of our profits to Animal Charities

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We are real humans and we love dogs! We have a rescue dog, Bandit and he has an auto immune disease SO what we feed him impacts his health big time. We know how important it is to know exactly what you are buying and feeding your dog. We go to the park everyday and talk to you, responsible dog owners who value quality and integrity! We know you place just as much importance on your dogs health and happiness as your own. We know this because we do too and this is WHY we started Bobbie Dogs because what we found elsewhere just didn't cut the mustard. 

Bobbie Dogs is committed to finding the highest quality Australian meat alongside our high dehydrating standards to ensure your dog is treated with high quality ingredients that are safe to digest and most importantly keep your dog at optimal health. Our dog's deserve to be in the best health and to be happy everyday. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

20% of Bobbie Dogs online profits go to supporting Australian Animal Charities. Every product you buy will help support Animal charities.We share the love and donate to different charities over the year.Treat your Dog to Save a Dog#treat2save

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