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100% cotton canvas dog BAG x small creatures studio print


Bobbie The Wonder Dog

The remarkable story of a dog who was lost and found his way home walking over 4000kms

Read Bobbie's STORY HERE


organic kangaroo liver dog treats all natural healthy dog treats

Organic Kangaroo Liver (NEW)

Organic Kangaroo Liver for Dogs

Organic Kangaroo Liver is dehydrated free range liver pieces. An ideal treat between meals or for training times at the park. Kangaroo Liver is free of artificial preservatives and because it is so clean, it makes an ideal treat for dogs with skin and stomach sensitivities. Kangaroo is one of the healthiest free range meats you can give your dog for optimal healthy and overall well-being.

Nutritional Benefits of Kangaroo Liver for Dogs

Kangaroo Liver is hypoallergenic and contains high levels of Protein and Iron. Bobbie Dogs Organic Kangaroo Liver is hormone and antibiotic FREE making it a super-food treat for your dog. Many vets recommend Kangaroo as a healthy alternative to standard treats. Try our Organic Kangaroo range today and notice the difference!

Why choose Bobbie Dogs Kangaroo Liver over other brands?

      • AUSTRALIAN MEAT - We do not support the live import and export industries
      • DEHYDRATED - Bobbie Dogs treats have a stable shelf life of up to 18 months when stored in a dark, dry place.
      • NO Filler - All our treats are single ingredient products. Containing NO filler of any kind - Just 100% meat
      • NO Splintering
      • NO preservatives
      • NO added salt
      • NO added fat
      • NO added growth hormones
      • DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR 100% CARBON NEUTRAL - We believe that a great product and a good delivery service should not impact our planet
      • We GIVE 20% of our profits to Animal Rescue Homes across Australia - The people who care for stray animals are volunteers. We need to support our fellow humans who are doing everything they can to ensure every animal deserves quality care, good health and a loving home. Animal Rescue Homes need our support more than ever so treat your dog with Bobbie Dogs Dog Treats to save a dog. Our mission is #treat2save
      • $5.95 SHIPPING across Australia
      • FREE Shipping when you stock up and spend over $69
      • We are real humans. We have a rescue dog, we go to the park everyday and chat with dog people and we know how important your dog is to you. We know you place just as much importance on your dogs health and happiness as your own. We know this because we do too! 
Bobbie Dogs is committed to finding the highest quality of Australian meat alongside high dehydrating standards to ensure your dog is treated with high quality ingredients that only contain REAL MEAT. Our dogs deserve the best treats and the best health. 
20% of all Bobbie Dogs profits go to Australian Volunteer Organisations focused on re-homing stray animals. Treat your Dog to Save a Dog #treat2save #adoptdontshop #roodogtreats #rescueadog #breedingisnotcool

Treat2Save. Every product sold goes to helping a dog in need

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