Who is Bobbie?

bobbie the wonder dog
Bobbie the Wonder Dog was a dog who walked himself home to Silverton, Oregon after he was lost by his owners on a family holiday in Indiana. It is estimated that his journey home may have been 4800km long!!  Six months after the family returned home heartbroken from loosing their beloved Bobbie, he showed up on their doorstep mangy, dirty, and scrawny, with his toenails worn down.  People who had fed and sheltered Bobbie on his journey home wrote the family to tell about their time with Bobbie.
Bobbie's demonstration of loyalty is celebrated during Silverton's annual children's pet parade that serves as a reminder of the special place animals and pets have in people's lives.
The team at Bobbie Dogs believes that every dog is a WONDER DOG. The profound impact our loyal pets have on our lives should be honoured and respected. We believe all dogs should be HEALTHY and HAPPY and TREATED RIGHT!