Low Fat Treats

Our collection of low fat treats and chewers. All made to Bobbie Dogs standards with 100% human quality produce and without the use of any preservatives, additives, grains or fillers.

Just Single-Ingredient Pet Treats! 

What do I pick!? 
Ok, for easy to break up for training go Chicken Breast, Beef Jerky or Kangaroo Rump.
For a chewer go Kangaroo Chews, Tendons or Jerky.
For a dental chew go Kangaroo Tendons or Shark Skinsmall rolls. AKA The natural toothbrushes.
For good omega's go Shark Cartilge or Skin. Great for their joints and coat.
For dogs with pancreatitis go Chicken Breast or kangaroo rump as their easy to break up into small pieces and the lowest fat. As our Chicken Breast is Free Range this also means the fat content is lower than normal supermarket Chicken Breast. Or for a chewer for pancreatic dogs go with Kangaroo Tendons as they are just a hard tendon with virtually no fat.