Bobbie Dogs Beef Treats are 100% Australian Grass Fed Beef.
Our Beef Liver Treats provide your dog with essential vitamins, good levels of protein and healthy fats, all of which sustain a healthy and happy dog.
Our Beef Tendons are your go-to BONE-FREE long lasting chew. Full of collagen which boasts numerous medicinal benefits that will strengthen your dogs immune system, improve their coat and boost their digestive system.
Beef Peenies are another longer lasting BONE-FREE treat. A great teeth cleaner that os nutrient-dense organ full of nutrients, high levels of protein and contain very little fat content. A safe, bone-free and digestible long-lasting treat. 

NO fillers. NO additives. NO grains. NO added fat.
NO added salt. NO binders. NO sugar.
Treat Your Dog to Save a Dog
20% of Bobbie Dogs profits go to Animal Charities across Australia. When you treat your Dog with Bobbie Dogs treats you will support animals in need.