Bobbie Dogs Beef Treats are 100% Australian Grass Fed Beef.

Our Low Fat Beef Jerky is one of our newest and best-selling treats. Made from the Topside (cap off) which is the leanest cut of Beef. Beef Jerky breaks apart easily for training or give whole as a high reward treat.
Our Beef Tendons are your go-to BONE-FREE long-lasting chew. Full of collagen which boasts numerous medicinal benefits that will strengthen your dog's immune system, improve their coat and boost their digestive system.
If you have a small to medium size dog, try our Beef Tendon Mini's for a long-lasting chew full of collagen.
Beef Peenies are another longer-lasting BONE-FREE treat. A great teeth cleaner that is a nutrient-dense organ full of nutrients, high levels of protein, and contain very little fat content. A safe, bone-free, and digestible long-lasting treat. 

NO fillers. NO additives. NO grains. NO added fat.
NO added salt. NO binders. NO sugar.