common cooking oil that will have your dog smelling like Hawaii

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Bandit is our rescue dog and on rainy days he stinks like those thick school jumpers. They were warm but when it rained, you stanked like a wet sheep. Although Bandit’s fur is not sheeps wool, he somehow manages to stink like a wet sheep slash school jumper.
1. Its still Autumn in Australia, so the coconut oil has yet to solidify. So get your jar of coconut oil and pour around 1TBSP of it in your hands.
2. Get your Dog, let him smell your hands so he knows you are about to cover him in coco goodness. WARNING: May just lick all oil off hand. If so repeat Step 1.
3. Rub your dogs coat with oil - it will spread thin and fast so have fun. Avoid his eyes and underbelly as you don’t want oil on your carpets or your dog sliding around on wooden floorboards.
4. Wash your hands as you may have pulled up alot of loose hair. If you dont like the feel of oily hands wash with warm water and soap. But if you DO, cause its so juicey and yummy. Wash hands with warm water and repeat Step 1.
FINISHED: One delicious non sheep stinky jumper coconut dog #cocodog #coconutoilfordogs

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