This week is Mental Health Week and we want to acknowledge the impact our Dogs and Cats have on our mental health and overall wellbeing!

So we thought, what type of sale will directly benefit our four-legged family members!?!?

Well, we all know that our Pets #1 Love language is FOOD......soooooooooo


Buy any LARGE bag and receive a FREE SMALL bag of the same treat!!

Just enter the code 'TREATTHEMRIGHT' at checkout

Buy a Large Chicken Breast, get a free small Chicken Breast!

Buy 2 Large Chicken Breast, get 2 free small Chicken Breast!

Buy a Large Chicken Breast and Large Kangaroo Tendons, get a free small Chicken Breast and a free small Kangaroo Tendons!!

No limits! Every purchase of a LARGE bag, we will throw in a FREE small bag of the same treat.

Just make sure you enter the code 'TREATTHEMRIGHT' at checkout

Sale ends tonight 19th October  11:59pm



Do I have to add the small bags to my cart as well? 

Nope, just the large.


Can the 'TREATTHEMRIGHT' code be used in conjunction with another discount or wolfpack code?

No sorry.... (You wish!)


Does it include pre-orders? 

Yes it does! We don't want anyone to miss out on their favourite treat. When a product goes out of stock we will be flipping it over to Pre-Order. When the product is ready we'll send your whole order out. 


**Please note - the code will show up on your checkout as a $0.01 discount. This is correct. This tells us that the code has been used and we will add the free small bags to your order**