About Us

Bobbie Dogs consists of two humans, two spoilt dogs and one cat with a bucket load of attitude. 

Bandit is a Kelpie cross Doberman something. He looks like a horse.

Mungo is a mix of German Shepherd, Bull Mastiff and he looks like a bear.

Mishy is a Russian Blue and she feels like velvet.

Simon likes funny hats and riling up the dogs at 9pm every night.

Kate drinks way too much coffee and spends most of her day getting Simon to look at what the dog or cat just did.

We are Bobbie Dogs. We are serious about giving your four legged's real food. Our Pet Treats are 100% Australian, made with 100% meat and 100% love. NO additives or weird preservatives. Bobbie Dogs provides healthy and affordable pet treats in honour of all dogs and the impact they have on human lives, because you have to treat them right, right?

Although Bobbie Dogs originally started in Sydney, it wasn't until we moved to Port Macquarie that Bobbie Dogs went from been a hobbie/love job to a full time business (we are such grown ups now). Without the support and encouragement of the Port locals we would not be where we are today and that is why no matter where we live and where we move to, Port Macquarie will always be the home of Bobbie Dogs.

PS - We are advocates of animal welfare and support local animal rescue homes by donating 20% of online profits to Australian animal rescues. We have been paying it forward since we started in 2017 and it helps us stay on track when we are surrounded by the intense smell of raw meat! ;) 


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