About time!!


We have (finally) set up subscriptions!! As this is a new integration for our online store there will most likely be some teething issues in the first few weeks so please bear with us. If this sounds annoying then maybe wait until we have it up and running 100%.

You can now select the Subscription option when adding a product to your cart. Subscriptions are available on all our treats and compostable poo bags.

Just go into the product page of your favourite treat and select 'Subscribe to guarantee stock and save 5%' before adding to cart.

This does 2 things:
1. You save 5%! 
2. You get first dibs on stock for your next order! As we all know stock is always limited here at Bobbie Dogs HQ, however we will always make sure we put stock aside for upcoming subscriptions.

To manage purchased subscriptions click 'manage subscription' under the SUBSCRIPTIONS heading. OR click the following link here 

As always, if you do have any issue please let us know so we can rectify the problem and also please reach out if you have any questions so we can start a FAQ list.
Happy treating without have to remember to buy treats!