Why Bobbie Dogs?

Why choose Bobbie Dogs over other brands?

      • ALL AUSTRALIAN MEAT - We do not support the live import and export industries. We ethically source our meat from Australian Meat Suppliers
      • ALL HUMAN GRADE - All our produce comes from human grade meat suppliers. No weird pet food factories!
      • DEHYDRATED - Bobbie Dogs treats have a stable shelf life of 12 months when stored in a dark, dry place eg. pantry
      • NO Fillers - All our treats are single ingredient products Containing NO filler of any kind! 
      • NO Grains
      • NO preservatives
      • NO additives
      • NO added growth hormones
      • NO SPLINTERING - 100% Safe to digest as our treats are dehyrated RAW
      • DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR 100% CARBON NEUTRAL - We believe that a great product and a good delivery service should not impact our Earth
      • We GIVE 20% of our profits to Animal Charities
      • $5.95 SHIPPING Australia WIDE
      • FREE Shipping when you treat them real good and spend over $69
      • We are real humans and we love dogs! We have a rescue dog, Bandit and he has an auto immune disease SO what we feed him impacts his health big time. We know how important it is to know exactly what you are buying and feeding your dog. We go to the park everyday and talk to you, responsible dog owners who value quality and integrity! We know you place just as much importance on your dogs health and happiness as your own. We know this because we do too and this is WHY we started Bobbie Dogs because what we found elsewhere just didn't cut the mustard. 
Bobbie Dogs is committed to finding the highest quality Australian meat alongside our high dehydrating standards to ensure your dog is treated with high quality ingredients that are safe to digest and most importantly keep your dog at optimal health. Our dog's deserve to be in the best health and to be happy everyday. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

20% of Bobbie Dogs online profits go to supporting Australian Animal Charities. Every product you buy will help support Animal charities.
We share the love and donate to different charities over the year.
Treat your Dog to Save a Dog #treat2save