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Kyliemo Clay Handmade Ceramic Bowl
A new range of Bobbie Dogs hand-made ceramic Pet Bowls have arrived! Featuring a beautiful array of beach & coastal colours, each bowl is individually hand-made (with love!) by Kylie MoClay. Hand made Pet Bowls made by Kyliemo Clay are custom made exclusively to Bobbie Dogs!

Tell me about the bowls
These Beautiful bowls are made from high-quality Raku clay and a food safe glaze. The durability of Raku clay makes these dog bowls shockproof which is perfect for your over-excited dog at feeding time. Our ceramic bowls can be used for food or water and designed for all dogs (and cats) of all sizes. 
So what makes these bowls so spesh you ask?
Each bowl is individually hand-made by Kyliemo Clay. Hand-made with love!
NO machine, NO production line, made with human hands one by one. Depending on the humidity that day, each bowls shape, texture and colour varies from bowl to bowl making our Pet Bowls so unique and truely a one off! We think that's what makes these bowls so spesh :) each one is unique, just like your fur friend :)

Our Ceramic Pet Bowls are sturdy, non-porous and super easy to keep clean. They are dishwasher safe if you are feeling lazy.

We have designed the bowls to come in two sizes but due to the nature of hand-made ceramics, each bowl is unique in colour, texture, shape and size, they are truely one of a kind piece.


Rough size guide (remember each one is hand-made but we work to these measurements). Note Kyliemo Clay bowls are slightly larger than Emi Ceramics.

Emi Ceramics
small bowl - 15cm x 6cm 
(not including feet)
large bowl - 20cm x 7cm 
(not including feet)

Kyliemo Clay
small bowl - 17cm x 7cm
large bowl - 22cm x 8cm

Please keep in mind once that particular bowl is SOLD you won't get another the same, but we think that is what makes these so special.

ps - if you choose to use these for yourself, we won't judge. We currently have one for the cat's water, one for the dog's food, one for the lemon's and one for the jewellery bowl.

Why choose ceramic over plastic?

Plastic food bowls can scratch over time which can trap and hold bacteria that cannot be removed even with cleaning. Some cats and smaller breed dogs may develop skin irritations around their mouth from exposure to bacteria in a plastic bowl. While this is a controversial issue, some experts report that some plastics may emit BPA or other potentially harmful toxins. which can leach into your pet’s food.

Ceramic or Stainless Steel Pet Bowls?

Stainless steel bowls are a good choice. Like Ceramic bowls they are easy to clean and resistant to bacteria. HOWEVER stainless steel do heat up in the sun. Whereas ceramics are much more resistant to heat changes making them ideal for water bowls in the summer. Keeps that water cooooooool. So it's a great excuse to upgrade and change to a healthier and cleaner alternative.

Much more importantly our ceramic pet bowls are a bit more unique and way more pretty than same old stainless steel bowls..(you didn't ask for our opinion did you?)

About the Artist 
Kyliemo Clay is based on the mid-north coast of NSW. To see more of Kylie's beautiful work please visit her insta here or here Etsy shop here. She makes all sorts of goodness including cheeseboards, keep-cups, earrings and ceramic lamps.

HERE'S THE MAIN REASON - WE ACTUALLY MAKE OUR TREATS! There's so many new pet treat companies popping up over the last few years, however, guess what!? Very few of them actually make their treats. Look around and you will notice they all look the same. That's because they all come from the same pet treat factory. We make all our treats ourselves here in Brisbane QLD!

ALL OUR TREATS ARE MADE WITH HUMAN GRADE MEAT - All our raw product is sourced from human consumption suppliers. No weird pet food factories! Everytime we order produce, we order extra for ourselves to eat. We're using the same produce that you're getting from your local cafe's, restaurants and supermarkets.

ALL AUSTRALIAN MEAT OR NZ PRODUCE - We do not support the live import and export industries. We ethically source our meat and sustainable seafood from Australian and NZ suppliers. We use New zealand for some of our seafood due to their sustainability record.

DEHYDRATED - Bobbie Dogs treats have a stable shelf life of 12 months when stored in a dark, dry place eg. pantry

NO Fillers -All our treats are single ingredient products Containing NO filler of any kind! 
NO preservatives
NO additives
NO Grains
NO Gluten
NO Salt
NO added anything!

NO SPLINTERING -100% Safe to digest as our treats are dehydrated RAW

DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR 100% CARBON NEUTRAL - We believe that a great product and a good delivery service should not impact our Earth

We GIVE 20% of our profits to Animal Charities

$5.95 SHIPPING Australia WIDE

FREE Shipping when you treat them real good and spend over $69

We are real humans and we love dogs! We have a rescue dog, Bandit and he has an auto immune disease SO what we feed him impacts his health big time. We know how important it is to know exactly what you are buying and feeding your dog. We go to the park everyday and talk to you, responsible dog owners who value quality and integrity! We know you place just as much importance on your dogs health and happiness as your own. We know this because we do too and this is WHY we started Bobbie Dogs because what we found elsewhere just didn't cut the mustard. 

Bobbie Dogs is committed to finding the highest quality Australian meat alongside our high dehydrating standards to ensure your dog is treated with high quality ingredients that are safe to digest and most importantly keep your dog at optimal health. Our dog's deserve to be in the best health and to be happy everyday. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

20% of Bobbie Dogs online profits go to supporting Australian Animal Charities. Every product you buy will help support Animal charities.We share the love and donate to different charities over the year.Treat your Dog to Save a Dog#treat2save

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Some of our treats are made into a Meal Topper.  If we make it, you will find it in the size variant drop down menu for each product. Meal Topper is simply just the product placed into a food processor and pulsed a few times, making it crumbly. That's it! Meal Topper is a great addition to meal times. Sprinkle 1 tsp on top of food for a great nutritional boost (especially our seafood meal toppers).

The Meal Toppers we currently have are:

Chicken Breast Meal Topper

Hoki Meal Topper

Tuna Meal Topper